How Quickly Life Changes

changes2When I was just seven years old, I desperately wanted to grow up and become a Pop Artist my parents laughed and told me that I’m going to be surprised at how fast I’d grow up, I did not believe them. Twelve years later and I still remember that conversation as if it were yesterday.

Being a female, growing up in a  fast-paced world you tend to feel like you’re living in your own bubble because you’re going at your own speed; slowly.Most of the time it is because of your mindset.Think about it? How many times have you sat with your girlfriends and expressed how you can’t wait to fall in love and have a happy family or how you can’t wait to finish college and start your career? And then when all that happens you reminisce about the old days and say “man high school was bomb I cant believe its all over now”. 

Trade your frustration for appreciation and YOUR life will change instantly. When you learn to live in the now and appreciate everything that is happening around you currently, you will be happier and live with less regret. Ladies, I know it is soo hard sometimes, we want to grow up so bad so that we can finally fill out our curves and at least try to be apart from society. At the end of the day, it’s not worth it, you are beautifully and wonderfully made so appreciate it and all the moments that come with it.
Honestly, it’s not easy to get up and change your mindset but anything can happen once your mind is set.The moment you realize that is the moment you can do and accomplish whatever you want.In the late 19th century females were hardly allowed to do anything.They conformed to what society told them was right,  but women like Susan B. Anthony,  Alice Paul, and Lucy Stone just to name a few women activists took a stand and decided that they weren’t going to live in a world that they were not comfortable in. We are now in the 21st century and because of women like them, we are able to have the same rights as the opposite sex. All these events took place almost a 100 years ago.Yeah a long time ago I would say, but the work that they did still has a major influence in this day and age.Life moves so quickly, please don’t waste time wishing for tomorrow but better yet grasp the opportunity of today and make the most of it.Ten years from now make sure you can say that you chose your life.You didn’t settle for it because time waits for no one.

Be sure to head over to Benjamin’s blog to see the boys perspective on How Life Changes Quickly. I Had so much fun working with him, his site is amazing and he has some great posts!

2 thoughts on “How Quickly Life Changes

  1. Benjamin Lessard says:

    What a great and inspiring blog post! This tells so much to everyone, but specifically to all young girls and women out there. I had a blast working with you and we should definitely do it again! Superbe! 🙂


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